The most conclusive appraisals from the team of experts

We are a long-acting team of experts operating across the whole Czech Republic. When we established the expert institute we had a wish for our customers – to have a certainty that their appraisals will be the most conclusive ones at the court. We can process more contracts as a team, we guarantee complex solution together with lower subjectivity. We support the appraisals by conclusive sources and they are prepared to be happily read even by a lay person. We discuss the issues with each other in order to achieve the best results at all times.

Your contract is for us very important which is why we will start working on it immediately thanks to our high flexibility so you can have the appraisal on your desk within a week. Our customers decide primarily according to the price and processing speed. Even if you need to assess damage claim, evaluate real estate or business you can always depend on us and we will do fine job as quickly as we can and with high quality.

In the first place we want to help our customers, maybe we can help even to you. Put yourself in our expert hands!

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Meet the management

  • Graduate of VUT Civil Engineering Faculty in Brno
  • Authorized engineer and member of the ČKAIT board
  • Construction defects and flaws judicial expert
  • Real estate valuation judicial expert

Ing. Pavel Pejchal, CSc.

Ing. Lukáš Pejchal

  • Graduate of ESF MU Brno – specializes in company finance and intangible assets
  • Business valuation certification
  • Intangible assets valuation certification
  • Team leader