Our employees are important for us

Employees are the most important part of every company and we are very much aware of it. We put a great effort to create comfortable working environment and good conditions so all the members of the team can grow. Because when our employees grow our company grows as well.
Currently we are looking for new colleague. We are searching for Real Estate Appraiser. You can find more information here:

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Meet the management

  • Graduate of VUT Civil Engineering Faculty in Brno
  • Authorized engineer and member of the ČKAIT board
  • Construction defects and flaws judicial expert
  • Real estate valuation judicial expert

Ing. Pavel Pejchal CSc.

Ing. Lukáš Pejchal

  • Graduate of ESF MU Brno – specializes in company finance and intangible assets
  • Business valuation certification
  • Intangible assets valuation certification
  • Team leader